Quad country

Lanaudière is the perfect destination to experience the fun of quad riding. The region is brimming with waterfalls, stunning landscapes of plains and mountains, the St. Lawrence River, wildlife reserves and ZECs, wide open spaces in the north and much more! Quality signage guides you throughout this unique territory. Numerous accommodations, outfitters, relay stations, restaurants and dealerships welcome you along the way. Whether you’re riding an ATV or a side-by-side, you’ll enjoy exploring the 815 km of trails in summer and the 1011 km of trails in winter, maintained and groomed by the 6 clubs of the region.


With over 1275 km of quad trails on its territory, including 3 summer and 3 winter Quad Road circuits, the region of Lanaudière offers a huge range of possibilities and scenery to explore year-round. You can also combine circuits, depending on the season, making the adventure that much more exciting!


Whether you’re looking for a one-night getaway or a longer stay on the Quad Road, Lanaudière offers a wide range of quad packages. Choose the option that suits you best – cottage, inn or outfitter. Want to give the sport a try? Many establishments also offer quad rentals.